Tuesday, 6 November 2012

::: Premium Beautiful :::

Haiiiii....arini aku nak kongsi tentang kehebatan Premium Beautiful atau orang suke sebut2 PB. Korang pernah dengar @ terbaca tak pasal PB ni??? Bagi mereka yang dah pun kenal and dah pakai pun mesti puas ati kan dengan hasilnya kan?kan?kan? =)

Bagi mereka yang baru nak kenal PB di bawah ni aku share skit tentang kehebatan PB ni and kalo tak puas ati dgn info ni korang sendiri pun boleh google...hehehe

1 Set PB ni ada 3 bahagian --- Brassiere, Waist & Girdle (seperti gambar di bawah) and kelebihan set PB ni korang boleh baca kat bawah (english version).

Long Brassiere

 Kriteria long brassiere:

1. The unique 3 piece dimensional clipping cups designed to push up, support and provide firmness to chest.
2. Steel cartilage effectively provides firmness and support.
3. BI - layer depression and tightness designed to flatten abdomen and enhance breasts natural shape at optimum.
4. 2 ultra - soft wire coils help to slim down body, enhance and firm up body contour.
5. The design of BI - layer depression and tightness enables to the reshape of excessive fat around the back, thus to attain an attractive figure.
6. Unique ' U ' shapes at the back not only serves as slimming purpose, but also outlines the back contour effectively.
7. Diamond butterfly serves as an ornament to protrude the exclusiveness of the product.
8. Three pairs of Hook - and - Eye give you safe and comfortable flexibility.

Waist Nipper
 Kriteria Waist Nipper:

1.Made of seven pieces of 'smart technology' wires. It provides support to waist comfortable as well as upholds the backbone and straightens posture firmly.
2.The unique body shape design, transfers the fat from waist to the breasts and buttocks accordingly, thus to create a perfect and well - balanced contour.
3.The imported string from Japan enables the forming of an exquisite waist contour.
4.The flexible cutting design created a perfect contour individually.
5.Three pairs of Hook - and Eye give you safe and comfortable flexibility.
6.Diamond butterfly serves as an ornament to protrude the exclusiveness of the product.

Long Girdle
Kriteria Long Girdle:

1.The 32 piece stereoscopic cutting design, based on 'Fragmentary Pressure Compression Theory' will effectively divert displaced fat to its original position.
2.Unique hip cup cutting and design will effectively rectify the sagging buttocks, enhance the hip curve and prop - up - hip.
3.Detached contour thigh and buttocks divert excessive fat around the thigh into the hip cup, attaining attractive hip contour.
4.Cotton on the waist of girdle provides comfort and enhances waist curve.
5.Diamond butterfly serves as an ornament to protrude the exclusiveness to the product.
6.The fixed pressure compression at the abdomen reduces the excessive fat, thus to flatten the abdomen.
7.BI - layer pressure compression design helps to adjust excessive fat around thighs, thus to develop slimmer legs.
8.Holey Bi - layer cotton provides comfort while wearing.
9.Flexible laces avoid any uncomfortable feeling.

Kelebihan PB:

  • Cut based on the body's three-dimensional design using stereoscopic far infrared rays for absolute presicion and delicacy. It helps blood circulation and metabolism creating complete synergy with the human body.

  • Excellent in absorbing sweat and allowing air circulation. It can be washed with ease while retaining its durability over time. (kalau pakai time sejuk PB ni boleh panaskan badan & if cuaca panas pakai PB tak akan rase panas)
  • Can be stretched in all directions, its 360 degree elasticity fully accommodates the body's activity without losing any of the original shape. (sesetgh korset akan bergulung2 @ berlipat2 bila duduk tapi PB ni boleh maintainkan postur badan kite)
  • The far infrared rays help improve the elasticity and firmness of the breasts while promoting their development. (bagi yang dah pakai tentu merasai perubahannya =) heheh)

"PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL FOUNDATION LINGERIE - creating a perfect contour and well-balanced posture. Ensure that you can achieve immediate desirable results safely without medication and operation"

OK tak????hehehe...nanti aku share lagi pasal PB ni...OOOppppssss...lupe plak nak bagitahu...TETAPI time pregnant jgn pakai plak tau...pakai masa berpantang untuk dapatkan bentuk tubuh yg asal =)


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